We provide flooded and sealed AGM batteries, chargers, test equipment, watering systems, cables and connectors. Of course, as our name implies, we service what we sell.

The best brands in the commercial battery business are our partners:

Trojan Battery Company
Yet another superb provider in the commercial sector that gives Commercial Battery Service customers the right choice for the right application. Long-lasting, reliable and clean deep cycle batteries.

Flow-Rite Controls designs, manufactures, and markets fluid control devices for lead acid batteries for many applications.

GNB Brand
GNB Industrial Power is a vital part of the Exide Technologies Group, one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers.

Ferro Magnetics
Ferro Magnetics battery chargers deliver full spectrum capabilities to design and build entire charger systems: battery management systems, watering systems, sheet metal parts in the industrial, small power and mining sectors.

Crown Battery
Since 1926, Crown Battery has been manufacturing industrial batteries in the material-handling and mining sectors with advancement into new technologies as well.